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About Me

Cathi Iannone is a Brooklyn-based, Italian-American home cook, and creator of the Italian-American food & lifestyle blog, The Brooklyn Ragazza. She specializes in local and seasonal, Cucina Povera-style, or Depression Era, cooking with a modern twist with food & wine parings. As a seasoned traveler, having trekked 4 continents, she features travel and lifestyle articles, as well as restaurant recommendations.

In 2012, she was selected by DaVinci Wines as their "DaVinci Storyteller" (Culinary Category), where she traveled to Vinci, Italy to stay on the DaVinci Wine Cantine to learn about the wine, the food and the Tuscan culture. She had the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes in Tuscan restaurant kitchens, and learn the coveted secrets of Tuscan chefs. This journey will be chronicled on her blog in early September 2012. Stop by to see what's cooking, where in the world she's traveled, or just to say, "ciao!"



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